Monday, December 15, 2008

Myth About Mummification.

ancient tradition used in egypt for centuries. origianaly the egyptians buried the corpes in the sand pits to dry the bodys. they found out that the bofies dryed out to quickly and thats how the 7 Steps of Mummification started

Belief in Mummies.

the egyptians believed the world would end soon. they developed a funerary cult. the embolmers took the body to a beautiful hose were the egyptians worked.

Using the 7 steps of mummification.

the egyptians used the steps to send the person into the afterlife to have a good time with the gods. Also to preserve the bodys for later when they take the bodys out of the grave.

Describe the Materials Used During Mummification.

the materials used during mummification were not saws or razor blades.they used all kinds of wases andspices and fragrances.the egyptians also used natron salt to dehydrate the body.

Reason For Mummification.

to keep the mummies looking the same when the egyptians take there bodies out of the grave.when the souls met the gods the mummies would be looking fine and good.